Digital payments

A new way to pay at the restaurant: let your customers settle their bill online remotely by using their smartphone.

Pay the bill in a second

Your customers can see your menu, order and pay completely on their own.
Send us the menu you want to offer at your venue and we will digitise it for free.
You will receive an email with credentials to log into your order management system.
You will receive a QR code to print out and put in your venue as well as the link for your menu to promote online.

Customers at your venue can order and pay remotely.

Customers can place an order for delivery or takeaway and then proceed with payment digitally.

Your restaurant at the click of a button

The Dishcovery Management System is the online portal where you can update your menu and manage your orders. This is where the contents of the menu are created and added and can only be accessed by you, while your customer will only see the final menu by scanning the QR code.

  • Reports and data on orders
  • Behavioural analysis of your customers
  • An overview of the best-selling dishes
  • An overview of sales for days and times
  • Preparing vouchers for your venue
  • Collecting information on your customers


Paying the bill becomes a secure, more efficient and smoother experience than the traditional way, both for customers and restaurant owners.

Dishcovery for you

The Digital Payments service is part of the FLEX Plan: there is no activation cost and no fixed fees, you just pay if you use it.

Try the experience you can offer your customers right now!

Scan the QR Code to see how the Dishcovery menu works.

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